Navigli city area in Milan

Navigli city area in Milan

Navigli city area in Milan is called the area around two water canals, which meet in one point which is characterized by numerous restaurants, bars and pubs and is considered one of the most well-known nightlife zones in Milan. During the day it is visited by numerous tourists that have a chance to enjoy a nice walk, ice-cream and numerous cafes in this area.

Navigli is a cumulative name for the city area where there are two water canals that flow right next to each other, and meet in a larger canal, that has been recently restored. The name itself means “water canals”. These canals are just a part what has survived from the vast network of canals that were once used for irrigation, water supply of the city, and as highways, transporting goods and people.

Nowadays, it is the area mostly known for its nightlife. There is a great number of bars packed one next to the other, offering the typical aperitivo experience. Every evening, especially the banks of Naviglio Grande canal are crowded with young people, enjoying their drinks mostly outside the bars.  For all tourists that enjoy a walk and a drink this is a perfect place which will offer a firsthand experience of Milan’s urban culture.

Interesting facts

  • These canals were used to transport marble stones needed for the construction of Duomo.
  • The two canals that represent the Navigli area are called: Naviglio Grande (the Great Canal) and Naviglio Pavese (Pavia Canal).
  • At its peak, the canal Naviglio Grande supported traffic of some 8,300 boats carrying some 350,000 tons per year.

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