Borghese Art Gallery

Borghese Art Gallery

Apart from the historical sights of Rome that became symbols of the city among tourists, Borghese Gallery is maybe the most visited art gallery in the city of Rome. This is not accidental, villa offers an extraordinary exhibition area with fresco painted rooms, while the collections of sculptures, ancient mosaics and paintings (among which even a few by Raphael, Caravaggio, Titian etc.) is quite impressive.

Borghese Gallery is located in a park called Villa Borghese close to Piazza del Popolo. It is an art gallery with a collection of paintings, sculptures and antiquities. This collection belonged to Cardinal Scipione Caffarelli Borghese who was a nephew of Pope Paul V.  The villa was built according to the sketches of the Cardinal, who used it as a summer villa on the outskirts of the 17th century Rome. The villa and the surrounding gardens were the property of Borghese family until 1902 when they were sold to the Italian government.
The collection that can be seen today is rather impressive: Ancient Roman mosaics (1st-3rd century AD), Ancient sculptures, sculptures of Bernini and Canova, Caravaggio’s Saint Jerome Writing, Madonna, Child and the serpent, The Boy with a basket of fruit, Saint John the Baptist, Raphael’s The Deposition, Lady with a unicorn, and many paintings by Titian and Bellini are all just a small part of what can be seen in Villa Borghese. If we add that the whole collection is exhibited in beautiful fresco painted rooms of the villa, than it is not so hard to understand why Borghese Gallery is one of the main tourist attractions of the city of Rome.

Ticket price for Borghese Art Gallery in Rome
Regular ticket price is 11 Euros (€), (9€+2€ for the necessary reservation).
Reduced ticket price is 6.5 Euros (€), (4.5+2 for the necessary reservation).
Free entrance: 2(0+2€ for the necessary reservation).
Reduced price: European Union citizens between 18 and 25 years old.
Free entrance: Individuals younger than 18, disabled individuals and one companion.
(!) If there is a temporary exhibition the price will be a bit higher.

Working Hours of Borghese Art Gallery in Rome
From Tuesday to Sunday working hours are: 09:00-19:00h.
Gallery is closed on Mondays, 25 December, 1 January.

(!) Before you visit Borghese gallery you need to make a reservation. You can do it online on the webpage of Borghese Gallery.
Before you make the reservation you need to decide when you would like to visit the Borghese Gallery. During the day there are 5 options:  09:00-11:00h; 11:00-13:00h; 13:00-15:00h; 15:00-17:00h; 17:00-19:00h.

Interesting facts

  • In 19th century, Camillo Borghese was forced to sell his collection of sculptures to Napoleon. This is the reason why nowadays, this collection can be seen in the Louvre museum in Paris.
  • In Borghese Gallery there used to be two paintings by Raphael “Le Tre Grazie” and “Il Sogno del Cavaliere e La Santa Caterina”, but they were sold by the Borghese family during the French revolution and now located in London and Chantilly, France.

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