Church Saint Luis of the French

Church Saint Luis of the French

This Church is just a few minutes away from the famous Piazza Navona in Rome. Many tourists would just pass by without entering and having a chance to admire this beautiful church and the pieces of art inside it. A few well-known paintings of Caravaggio are definitely worth entering.

In Italian its name is San Luigi dei Francesi, it is a Catholic church dedicated to Saint Mary. This church is the official French church in Rome.
Around 890 BC, when Saracens (a term that was used for Muslims at that time) stormed the monastery called Abby of Farfa around 60km away from Rome, a group of monks settled in Rome and continued their activities. Over time, they had three churches and other possessions which were ceded to the Medici Family in the 15th century. One of these churches became the Church Saint Luis of the French and was adapted for the French population living in the city of Rome in the 16th century.
Apart from the beautiful interior on which many famous artists have worked, this church is most famous for a series of works signed by a famous painter Caravaggio. These paintings depict the life of Saint Matthew and the three most famous ones are: The calling of Saint Matthew, The inspiration of Saint Matthew and The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew.

Ticket prices for Church Saint Luis of the French in Rome
The entrance is FREE of charge.

Working hours of Church Saint Luis of the French in Rome
From Monday to Sunday working hours are: 10:00-12:30 / 15:00-18:45h.
On Thursdays the church is closed in the afternoon.

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