Church Saint Ozana

Church Saint Ozana

The Church of Saint Ozana is located in the northeastern part of the city center of Kotor, more precisely in one of the longest streets in Kotor, in the square of Blessed Ozana or lately popularly called the cat square, due to the large number of cats that have been gathering there in the last few years.

One and a half meters below the level of the present church, the remains of a baptistery and church furniture were found, which testify that there was a church built earlier in the same place.
St. Ozana church was built in 1221 -  the oldest Catholic church in Kotor. In the XV. In the 18th century, a chapel of St. John was added to the church, and the bell tower in the Baroque style was built as well.
Inside the church are 2 marble altars, a wooden crucifix from the 14th century, and at the entrance on the left, in the sarcophagus, which is partly transparent, is the holy body of Blessed Ozana.

The main relief door of the church is the work of the artist Vasko Lipovac, with bronze relief depicting scenes from the life of St. Ozana. The scenes tell how Ozana came to Kotor, how she lived, and why she became a saint, since she is the first woman to be proclaimed a saint coming from Montenegro in the Catholic Church.

In one of the most serious Turkish attacks, when the notorious Turkish pirate Hajrudin Barbarosa attacked Kotor, Saint Ozana helped the people of Kotor and prayed with them during these difficult times. Her first name was Katarina. Her body today is disintegrated, her hands are flexible and her skin is almost completely preserved, which speaks of her "bliss" and how holy she is. The cult of St. Ozana is present today in Kotor as well as throughout entire Dalmatia.

Admission to the church is FREE

The opening hours of St. Ozana's Church are daily from 10: 00h to 19: 00h.

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