Church Saint Agnese in Agone

Church Saint Agnese in Agone

This church is located on Piazza Navona, one of the most famous squares of Rome. The church itself attracts a large number of tourists that are drawn by its beauty.

The Church of Saint Agnese in Agone was built in the 8th century, and dedicated to the cult of Saint Agnese - a girl that was, according to the legend, publicly exposed nude exactly on this spot for refusing to marry the son of an important citizen of Rome. Feeling embarrassed by the crowd, the girl performed a miracle by growing her hair in order to cover herself. The next man who tried to hurt her was struck by a lightening, she also mysteriously put off the fire in which she was thrown, however she was finally killed by the stroke of a sword.
The church went through many reconstructions over time since the 8th century. It owes its modern looks to Pope Innocent X who commissioned its construction in 1652.
Around the same time, the city square in front of the church was reconstructed. It has an oval shape because it was built on the grounds of the ancient stadium of Domitian, constructed in 86 AD.

Ticket prices for Church Sant’ Agnese in Agone in Rome
The entrance is FREE of charge.

Working hours of Church Sant’ Agnese in Agone in Rome
From Monday to Friday working hours are:  09:30-12:30/ 16:00-19:00h.
From Saturday to Sunday working hours are: 10:00-13:00/ 16:00-20:00h.

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