Mosquitoes in Venice

Mosquitoes in Venice

Mosquitoes in Venice may become a real nightmare for numerous tourists that visit the city. Since the city is located in a lagoon and because of inefficient pest control of local authorities, mosquitoes have become a real problem for tourists.

In the Venetian lagoon, the season of mosquitoes is quite long. It starts at the beginning of April and lasts till September or so. To make things worse, a new species that is more aggressive has appeared and it is called among people as Asian Tiger Mosquito. These insects are smaller than their native European cousins, more aggressive and almost silent, making them an incredible menace for unwary tourists. During very hot summers in the city, tourists tend to wear as fewer clothes as possible, making them perfect targets to these creatures. By passing next to a bush or close to the water one can be bitten by dozen mosquitoes at the same time, leaving the soar and itchy bites that we all know too well. This is why if you pays attention, you will notice numerous tourists on the streets of Venice with mosquito bites all over their legs from one of the previous night walks through the city.

The new species, the Asian Tiger Mosquito, comes from Southeast Asia, but in recent decades this insect spread to many other continents due to international shipping and tourism. Venice was no exception and became a perfect breading ground that allowed this species to flourish in the lagoon. Be aware, they are small and vicious and if you do not pay attention and you do not use a repellent, you may end up with both legs covered in mosquito bites in just a few seconds.

Finally, there is no difference whether your accommodation is located on the islands or on the mainland. Both Venice, Mestre and Margera are close enough to the water to make no difference.

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