Getting around Venice

Getting around Venice

It is really hard to get around Venice for someone that comes to the city for the first time. The city was built with the aim of favoring the boat transportation. It allows Venice to quickly move people and especially goods around the city, although such an infrastructure was once regarded as an incredible technological revolution. This is why not a small number of streets will end in front of a canal or with a dead end, making it really frustrating for tourists that have decided to discover the city without consulting a map.

The trouble is that even though you bring a good map with you, the corridors are so small, narrow and there is not a single straight street in the entire city. This means you will need to look at your map every few minutes. However, there is an alternative. All around Venice there are usually yellow signs that show the direction of main landmarks, therefore by following these signs you will be able to get around city with ease.

There are several land marks that you need to get acquainted with before you get to Venice:
San Marco- The central city square and St. Mark’s Basilica.
Rialto Bridge- the most important bridge in Venice.
Ferovia- The main train station, the only train station that connects Venice to the rest of Italy.
Piazzale Roma- The only city square where all the buses and trams that connect Venice with the mainland stop.
Accademia- Accademia Bridge and the Accademia Art Gallery.

These are the landmarks that usually appear on the previously mentioned signs.

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