Madeira Island:

Tourist map of Rabacal best hiking trails on Madeira

How to reach Rabacal hiking trails
You will need to reach by car the indicated location on this map. Here you will find a large area where you can park your car. The beginning of the trail is easily noticeable and it is marked by a large sign; you will notice a ramp and a van that is usually parked behind.
You will not be able to proceed further by car, but you have a choice: to take a van to the mountain hut or to walk towards the hut. The walk down is not a huge problem, but for most the way back uphill after several hours of walking is quite a challenge.

At the top of the mountain range, where you will park your car, it may be very cold and windy (depending on the time of year), but just after a few hundred meters after you start the walk, the temperature rises sharply and weather conditions become much more pleasant.

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