Botanical garden Jevremovac

Botanical garden Jevremovac

Botanical Garden Jevremovac located in the center of Belgrade, hidden between busy city streets, it represents an oasis of peace and vegetation. In this garden, visitors will be able to see plants atypical for this region, some of which are real natural rarities.

The Botanical garden in Belgrade was founded in 1874 thanks to the initiative of the famous scientist and professor Josif Pančić who was also its first director. At first, the garden was located in Dorćol (a part of Belgrade next to the Danube) from where it was moved to the current location in 1889. Due to constant flooding, the garden was almost destroyed on two ooccasions. The land, on which the garden is located today, was donated to the High Academy by King Milan Obrenovic with the request that the garden is named Jevremovac, after king’s grandfather Jevrem from whom the king inherited this land.

Nowadays, the garden represents a laboratory under the open sky of the Botanical Institute of the Biological Faculty (University of Belgrade). The garden covers an area of 5 hectares on which there are more than 1,000 species (the green house has another 1,000 species) of domestic, European and exotic plants, trees and brushes. The collection of plants continues to expand due to the tight collaboration with other botanical gardens.
The jewel of the garden is certainly the green house that was built in 1892. At that time this building was renowned not only for its importance for the botany, but also for its beauty and unique architectural solutions. Sadly, over the years this building lost its shine. However, in 2014, the reconstruction was finished, in which great attention was paid not to change the original look and architecture of the greenhouse building. Thanks to the restoration, in the center of Belgrade visitors may enjoy a walk through beauty and fragrances of different plants or through deserts or rainforests of the tropical areas.

Within the premises of the garden, there is also the building of the Botanical Institute with its large herbarium and a library with some 13,000 books.
Maybe, the main attraction of the Botanical Garden in Belgrade is the Japanese Garden which was designed to blend in with the surrounding areas of the garden. This section of the garden was constructed in order to introduce to visitors the art of creating Japanese gardens together with the culture and tradition of Japan. The wooden bridges, water surfaces, carefully placed plants and rocks, will allow you at least for to moment to imagine you are in the far lands of the rising sun.

Ticket prices for the Botanical Garden Jevremovac in Belgrade
Regular ticket price is: 250 RSD.
There is also a possibility of group visits with a professional guide.

Working hours of the Botanical Garden Jevremovac in Belgrade
From Monday to Sunday working hours are: 9:00-19:00h.
Closed: during the holidays.

Interesting facts

  • The Botanical Garden in Belgrade is one of only 30 botanical gardens in the world that is older than a century.
  • The Botanical garden in Belgrade possesses a herbarium with an impressive collection. From the foundation of the collection in 1860, they have managed to collect more than 330,000 plant specimen of the Balkan, European and World fauna. As an integrative part of the collection, the collection of Josif Pančić stands out which numbers some 16,000 herbarium sheets.
  • In order to make a completely natural pond within the Japanese Garden, the builders had to pump water from the 90 meters deep well.

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