Residence of Princess Ljubica

Residence of Princess Ljubica

Residence of Princess Ljubica in Belgrade is a unique museum that tells numerous stories about the architecture in the nineteenth century in Serbia, stories about the ruling Serbian dynasty Obrenovic, as well as the stories about the development of Serbian society. In this museum visitors will be able to see original objects that belonged to the Obrenovic dynasty, beautiful furniture as well as numerous works of art from this specific period.

This building was envisioned as the palace of the ruling dynasty Obrenovic. Prince Milos Obrenovic commissioned the construction of this building in 1829 which was completed in 1831. It was to be the residence for Knez Milos, his wife Knjeginja Ljubica and his children Milan and Mihailo. Nevertheless, due to the position of this residence, which was close to the Belgrade’s Fortress, and due to the fact that this fortress was still in the hands of Turks, Knez Milos spent little time in this building, preferring to stay at Konak of Knez Milos, which at that time was further away from Belgrade.
Its original purpose as the residence of the ruling dynasty was fulfilled during the rule of Knez Mihailo, who used it as his residence. After Obrenovic Dynasty was exiled from Serbia, for 130 years this building was used by numerous institutions. Only in 1970s, it was decided that this building should became a museum.

Dynasty Obrenovic
Milos Obrenovic founded Serbian Dynasty Obrenovic. As the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising against the Turks, he managed to introduce more diplomacy into his politics in comparison to Karađorđe Petrovic- the leader of the First Serbian Uprising. The achievement of dual (both Serbian and Turkish) government of Serbia, laid foundations for the complete retreat of Turks from the country. Both of his sons tragically died. His older son Knez Milan died of tuberculosis at the age of 19, just after he had ruled for only 25 days. His younger son Knez Mihailo was assassinated in Košutnjak in Belgrade on May 29, 1868. The ruling dynasty Obrenovic ended with the assassination of King Aleksandar Obrenovic in June 1903.

Collection of the Residence of Princess Ljubica museum in Belgrade
The unique collection of this museum will take its visitors to a journey through time allowing them a chance to take a peak into the everyday life of the ruling dynasty and wealthier citizens of Serbia. In this museum one can see the original objects that once belonged to the Obrenovic family and other wealthier families, the original furniture as well as numerous works of art that all testify about the progression and the development of the Serbian society of that time.

Ticket prices for the Residence of Princess Ljubica in Belgrade
Regular ticket price is: 200RSD.
Reduced ticket price (senior citizens, students and children) is: 100RSD.

Working hours of the Residence of Princess Ljubica in Belgrade
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday working hours are: 10:00-17:00h.
On Thursday working hours are: 10:00-18:00h.
On Saturday working hours are: 12:00-20:00h.
Museum is closed on: Mondays.
We advise you to check working hours before visiting – check the official website of the Residence of Princess Ljubica in Belgrade.

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