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Excursions of Buenos Aires

When we talk about excursions near Buenos Aires, we primarily mean a trip to Patagonia. This is not exactly a trip that will last one day, it is more a unique journey that we are sure that our visitors will gladly go on. Get to know all the beauties of Patagonia and indulge your imagination with our articles and recommendations.

The Patagonia

The Patagonia

Patagonia is a plateau that spreads almost over the whole southern sections of Argentina’s land. With a surface area of around 673 thousand km2, Patagonia consists of vast desserts and steppes. The name Patagonia originates from the word “Patagones”, which the Spanish used to denote the Teheuelche Indians, who were the first settlers of the area. The Patagonian plateau is covered in dessert spanning from the Andes to the Atlantic coast. There are also vast steppes that reach the foot of the Andes. The coast is mostly covered in tall cliffs that are separated from the water by a patch of dry land. The shoreline is mostly made out of layers of sediment stone made as a consequence of the flow of lava. The hills of Patagonia are made out of very resistant crystal rocks that “stand out” from the plateau.

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