Historical Museum

Historical Museum

The Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in 1945 as the Museum of National Liberation. Since 1967 it has been called the Museum of Revolution, and in 1993 it was named the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This museum is the main institution for the study and museological presentation of the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Permanent exhibition covers the arrival of the Slavs on the Balkan Peninsula, the creation of the first medieval South Slavic states, the creation of medieval Bosnian state, Bosnia and Herzegovina under Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule, then Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1918 to 1945 and from 1945 to 1990.
The building where the museum is located was designed  by Boris Magaš, Edo Šmidihen and Radovan Horvat in 1959. Perhaps this is why it looks like several interconnected boxes and stands out as a unique creation in the panorama of Sarajevo.
Here visitors can see many magnificent works of art such as: „Vitraz“ by Voje Dimitrijevic, Mosaic "Bosnia" by Mladen Srbinovic, the sculpture "Carrying the wounded" and many other interesting things.
The collection contains about 400,000 museum objects, documents and works of art.

Interesting facts:
 „Between Diversity and Division“ project brought together young people from Sarajevo, Eastern Sarajevo and Berlin. The aim of this project is to exchange point of views and encourage joint youth activities through learning about the World War II. After visiting  Berlin, young people from Sarajevo and Eastern Sarajevo hosted their Berlin colleagues and designed an exhibition together.
In front of the the Museum there is a temporary ramp for wheelchair access. The museum has developed a tactile area, intended for the blind and visually impaired.

Ticket price for the Historical Museum
Regular ticket price: 5 KM
Reduced ticket price: 2 KM (for school groups)
Reduced ticket price: 1 KM (for disabled persons)
Guided tour by the museum curator in English: 30 KM
Guided tour by the museum curator in Bosnian: 20 KM

Working hours of the Historical Museum
Historical Museum is open every day from 09:00am to 7:00pm.
 (!) If you are visiting the museum during the winter season, keep in mind that there is no heating inside.

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