Walter defends Sarajevo Museum

Walter defends Sarajevo Museum

Museum Walter defends Sarajevo was opened  on April 6th, in 2019. The museum is dedicated to the famous Bosnian-Herzegovinian film by Hajrudin Šibe Krvavec, which over time has become a major brand and symbol of Sarajevo. This is the first film museum in the Balkans and it bears the name of the above mentioned film „Walter defends Sarajevo“ . The film was made according to the real historical figure - Vladimir Peric, Walter, a famous member of the Resistance Movement in the then occupied Sarajevo under siege during World War II. The film premiered in 1972 at the Yugoslav Film Festival in Pula (Croatia), at which the director Krvavac received the Silver Arena award as best director. The film had great success with a diverse audience in the ex Yugoslavia, and was soon sold in 80 countries around the world, reaching its highest popularity in China, where it has been viewed about 10 billion times.

The regular exhibition of the Museum is divided into seven sections:
The first section is dedicated to the movie „Walter defends Sarajevo“. The second section is dedicated to the design and scenic space that evokes in a visually-effective way, the elements and atmosphere of the film "Walter Defends Sarajevo". The third section is the presentation of the digital version of the movie "Walter Defends Sarajevo". The fourth section is Museum Souvenir shop with the movies on display for purchase with a number of other paraphernalia related to the movie "Valter Defends Sarajevo" such as: posters, catalogues, postcards, T-shirts, caps and other products on offer. The fifth section is interactive and digital segment of the museum. The sixth section is actually where one of the scenes were taken and the seventh section is dedicated to educational and tourist programs.

Interesting facts:
The museum houses wax figures of movie directorand main characters in their actual sizes.

Ticket price for the Museum „Walter defends Sarajevo“
Regular ticket price: 10 KM
Reduced ticket price: once a week: 5 KM

Working hours of the Museum „Walter defends Sarajevo“
Museum „Walter defends Sarajevo“ is open every day from 09:00am to 5:00pm

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