Rio de Janeiro:

The Abricó Beach

The Abricó Beach

If you are a fan of nudist beaches, then Abrico Beach is for you! There are not many nudist beaches in Brazil. There are about 8 of them in total. One of them is Abrico Beach, located in the municipal park Grumari, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Research shows that they formed the first nudist beaches here during the 1940s.

Luz del Fuego, a famous dancer, actress and writer, who founded the first nudist stronghold in South America and is considered the first nudist in Brazil, visited Abricó beach in the 1950s. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were many attempts to legalize nudism in Abricó, but nothing was achieved at that time.

Today, everything is much more liberal. On weekends and holidays, nudism is a "must" for all visitors to Abricó Beach, while on other days it is recommended that you bring clothes with you.

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