Rio de Janeiro:

The Recreio Beach

The Recreio Beach

Recreio Beach is located in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro. Since this part of the city is relatively late developed, there are not many large buildings in surrounding area, and on the beach itself you can still find secluded parts where you can spend intimate moments. The atmosphere is relaxed and a bit bohemian with no crowds like on Ipanema or Copacabana.

At the end of the beach there are two beautiful places for surfing. They are located on Posto 10 and Canto do Recreio, and here the waves break in a perfect way that suits surfers. Body-boarding is another popular sport, and numerous tournaments are held here throughout the year. Surfing schools are really numerous. Soft white sand is popular among volleyball players, and many volleyball courts have been set up along the beach.

There is also a bike path nearby, and bicycles can be rented right on the beach. There are restaurants, bars and cinemas in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

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