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The Copacabana Fort

The Copacabana Fort

Fort Copacabana was built in 1908, on the site where the Copacabana Chapel once stood. The chapel was demolished in order to build a fortress for the needs of the city's defense. Once a military institution, today the fortress is a cultural center where visitors are welcome. The view of Copacabana beach from the fortress is simply stunning and a great place to take a photo of the parks of Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon. The highlight of the New Year's Eve in Rio is the fireworks that are set up along Forte de Copacabana.

From the fortress you can see the famous Ipanema beach but also Copacabana. During the 19th century, Copacabana was just a small fishing village. The whole area began to develop with the construction of the Velho tunnel, which connected this coastal area with Botafogo and the central part of the city. The first hotel on the coast was opened back in 1923, and it was called Copacabana Palace.

At Copacabana you can have an abundant lunch or dinner. From beach barracks to traditional Bahia cuisine, flavors of exotic cuisine from the Amazon, Copacabana dishes are some of the best gourmet delights.

Corner shops are among the cheaper options for selling beans, rice, fruit juices, pizzas, burgers and traditional Brazilian snacks. A walk through Rua Barata Ribeiro and Constante Ramos is enough to find the place of your choice. You can get a real treat that includes chicken fillet, salad, rice and fruit juice. Beach barracks offer a variety of cheap food.

The whole area of ​​Copacabana is very beautiful. You will really enjoy a long walk across the beach to the fortress.

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