Food & Drinks Prices

Food & Drinks Prices

Dubrovnik’s cuisine is famous for its traditional and unique dishes such as the pašticada, fish, green menestra (a meat dish with many types of cabbage), as well as a famous dessert, the Dubrovnik rozata.

Food and drink prices in Dubrovnik

If you want to take a short break in some of Dubrovnik’s local cafes, you will need to pay between 10 and 15kn for a cup of coffee. If you want to dine by the sea or in some other part of town, menus are shown in front of every restaurant. On average, dinner for a family of four will cost between 200 and 350kn, not including entrées, desserts and drinks. In finer restaurants, prices are somewhat higher, which means that a dinner could cost over 750km. If you decide to dine somewhere less formal, pizzas and pastas cost between 40 and 70kn. Small desserts are particularly popular, such as pancakes, which cost between 15 and 20kn. Pastry costs between 6 and 7kn, while a sandwich shouldn’t cost more than 25 to 30kn.

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Ana Lazarević -  our correspondent for Dubrovnik
Contact: [email protected]

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