Franz Liszt Museum

Franz Liszt Museum

The Franz Liszt Memorial Museum is a small museum in Budapest dedicated to the most famous Hungarian composer, Franz Liszt. It is located near Andrássy Street and Vörösmarty Street on the first floor of an old music school building. The museum is significant for the cultural legacy of Hungary, depicting works of the composer, his musical instruments, including two spinet pianos and a Bösendorfer piano, his work desk, a Mason&Hamlin concert pump organ, an Erard pump organ, a Bachmann piano, various items, books, portraits, furniture, sheet music, souvenirs and other personal belongings.

The permanent exhibition is located in Liszt’s bedroom and study, while the dining room and the ground floor serve as a setting for temporary exhibitions. The concert hall located under the flat is often used to host concerts.

Liszt spent the last five years of his life in the three-room flat where the museum is located. The museum tells an impressive story about a composer who dedicated his life to classical music, which he influenced greatly. The museum was officially opened in 1986.

Liszt was the president and founder of the music academy in Budapest. He didn’t want to get paid for his work there, as he worked there out of love for music. The flat in which he lived overlooks Andrássy Street, formerly called Radialstrasse.

Franz Liszt was the most famous Hungarian composer, artist and creator of his time. His works show the European culture’s influence on his music. Although he is originally from Hungary, Liszt spent his childhood and youth in France, where he performed in some of the most notable music halls. At the time Chopin also lived in Paris, where Liszt himself lived. The Hungarian composer travelled around Europe, meeting other famous composers. However, it was German composer Richard Wagner who influenced him the most. Liszt spent the last years of his life in Italy.

Liszt lived his life for his piano. He is responsible for the emergence of piano concerts, as before that it was customary for multiple performers to play at the same time exclusively. His concert in Rome in 1893 broke this tradition and since then solo acts became popular. Even if you are not a fan of music, visiting this museum is a part of musical education.

Ticket price for the Franz Liszt Museum
Regular ticket price 2 €

Opening hours of the Franz Liszt Museum
The museum is open from 10am to 12pm
and from 2 pm to 5 pm

Author of the article: Ljubiša Đuričić

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