The City Park

The City Park

City Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Budapest, is a public park in Budapest situated behind Heroes’ Square. It was first mentioned in 1241 by its archaic name, Ukurföld. The first mention of the name comes from 1241 in the archaic form, Ukurföld. In the 18th century, the area was called Ochsenried in German. Around 1800 the official name was changed to Batthyány-erdő, after the forest of the same name. The first trees and planified walkways were established in 1751 and after the public park was created in the first decades of the 19th century the present-day name, Városliget, meaning “little city forest”. At this point it became one of the world’s first public parks.

City Park isn’t just an average park with beautifully maintained greenery, colorful flowers and benches, but also a park offering various venues such as a zoo, Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, picnic spots, a music hall, as well as numerous monuments dedicated to historical figures. It also houses the Vajdahunyad Castle, built in 1896 as a replica of a Transylvanian castle. This castle holds the world’s biggest agricultural museum.

The park also contains a statue of George Washington, honoring the friendship between the Hungarian and American people. It was erected in 1906 to thank America for accepting Hungarian refugees in the 20th century.

As the biggest park in Budapest, it is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists alike. It is ideal for family gatherings, spending time with friends, walks and simply enjoying the nature that the park offers. Regardless of your age, you will surely find something interesting to do in it. Organize a picnic and have fun.

The park also contains the Gundel Restaurant, which is well-renowned and open between 12am noon and midnight. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in Budapest, but it offers exquisite service and quality food. In addition to this, the park is surrounded by interesting cafes great for sitting down and enjoying your surroundings. A big ice rink is set up in the park during winter months, and the festive atmosphere is truly amazing.

Author of the article: Ljubiša Đuričić

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