New York Palace Budapest Hotel

New York Palace Budapest Hotel

The New York Palace in Budapest isn’t only a hotel, but also one of the most beautiful cafes in the word. This classic café is located in a hotel which survived decades of numerous political events, wars etc. However, it remained beautiful, luxurious and as brilliant as it deserves to be. This hotel and its cult café were the gathering place for the elite, artists of different kinds. The luxurious interior of the building was preserved even in modern times. The New York café is beautifully decorated in the style of Italian renaissance.

The incredibly romantic café was built from marble decorated with gold and it has a large salon, balconies, red carpets and brilliantly designed lights. Hundreds of tourists visit the café every day. An orchestra plays famous melodies for the visitors, including “The Blue Danube”.

Visitors are amazed by the beautiful interior of the café, which is looked at as a museum. A truly amazing time machine. The menu offers food and drinks which used to be served in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The prices in the café are a bit high, so a cup of tea will set you back around €9.

The elegant palace is popular among younger visitors, but the older frequenters also enjoy spending time in this beautiful building, listening to wonderful music. The exterior of the hotel is beautiful and luxurious, its design resembling a true New York hotel, which makes visitors wonder where they really are.

Legend has it that, on the opening night, the writers who visited the hotel were so captivated by the hotel that they threw the key into the Danube in order to make the café open until dawn. The walls of the café are littered with pictures of famous writers and artists who started their careers in this venue. The New York Café is a must see in Budapest

Author of the article: Ljubiša Đuričić

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