Tourist map of Ancient sights in Milan

This is the map of ancient sights in Milan. Once Milan was a very important city, also the capital of the Western Roman Empire for a short period. This city is also known for the Edict of Milan due to which the persecution of Christians stopped, allowing it to gain power and become the dominant religion. Because of its location and continuous barbarian intrusions from the north towards the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the trend of recycling the building material, not many monuments that would testify about the importance of the city remained. These bits and pieces were excavated mostly by accident or were incorporated to numerous churches, which allowed them to survive to this day.
There are 14 ancient sights that you can visit and that in case you have enough imagination will take you on a ride to the glorious period of the Roman Empire.

This is the icon that we use for ancient sights on this and other maps.

In order to see all of the attractions that draw attention of tourists in Milan, we advise you to open the map on the page of Milan. This is how you will be able to discover locations of sights, museums, shopping zones, nightlife zones etc. that are close to your hotel or close to other attractions you do not want to miss. These maps will help you plan your trip and decide which attractions you can manage to visit depending on your preferences and time available.

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