Tourist map of Bridge of Sighs in Venice

How to reach the Bridge of sighs in Venice
The Bridge of Sighs is located on the rear side of the famous Doge’s Palace in the center of Venice. Walking from the direction of St Mark’s Square towards the lagoon, you should turn left. The entrance to the Doge’s Palace and the palace itself will remain on your left. Just after a few dozen meters you will reach Ponte della Paglia Bridge from where you will be able to see the Bridge of Sighs. It is really hard to miss this bridge as it is the most visited bridge all year long, mostly by tourists trying to take the best memory photo.

In case you are interested in crossing the bridge yourself, keep in mind that the visit to Doge’s Palace allows you to cross the bridge, since it connects the palace with the so called New Prison, the visit to both of which is included in the regular ticket price.

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