The Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is the largest and the oldest in the entire Japan, and its collection consists of more than 110.000 works of art and archeological objects from Japan and the enitre Asia. The collection is made of paintings, statues, swords, armors and numerous other objects. Museum collection is placed in several different buildings of the museum.

From the Yomon period to the Edo period, you can get to know the historical gap of Japanese culture. What we must mention is that you must visit room number 2, where the national treasures of Japan are hidden. The museum is divided into thematic units, so in the main building, Honkan, there is an art gallery dedicated only to Japanese art.
Hokeikan Hall is dedicated to works of art coming from China, South Korea, India and the Middle East. The Toyokan building is dedicated to Asian culture in so-called three stories. The Horyuji Gallery is dedicated to works of art from the 7th and 8th centuries, and the building in which the gallery is located is easily recognizable because its architecture is very modern.

The museum also has spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Within the museum itself, you will find tour offers from which you can choose the one that suits you best. One of such tours is the TNM architectural walk with which you get to know the historic building of Honkan and the gallery inside, where works from the Japanese imperial dynasties to the later Meiji period are highlighted.

Ticket price for the National Museum
Adults: ¥ 1,000
Students: ¥ 500
High school and elementary school students and young under 18 and over 70: Admission is FREE.

Working hours of the National Museum
The museum is open daily from 09:30am to 5. pm
Last entry 30 minutes before closing.

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