The Fram Museum

The Fram Museum

A visit to the Fram Museum is definitely worth your time!

The Fram Museum is located in the Bygdøy Peninsula, across from the Kon Tiki Museum. The Fram is the sturdiest wooden ship, built at the end of the XIX century. It was used during Norwegian polar expeditions led by explorers Fritjof Nansen, Oto Svedrup and Roald Amundsen, and the ship still holds records for sailing the furthest North as well as South. The main Exhibit in the Fram contains descriptions in ten languages which describe three incredible expeditions that the Fram witnessed. Visitors can enjoy the presentation of polar lights every 20 minutes. Along with the main building, visitors can also visit the Gjøa building, which houses exhibits with scenes from the Arctic, as well as from the Northwest Passage.
In this interactive museum, you can learn fascinating stories of adventures and temptations which explorers encountered during their expeditions.

The Museum also has a Polar simulator, where you can feel the cold and danger which the Polar expeditions from 100 years ago caused, and which can otherwise only be witnessed in the Arctic and Antarctic.  A visit to this museum means that you will be able to board the ship and experience what an expedition felt like. When you enter the cabins and salons of the ship, browsing the cargo and machinery it holds, you will become a crew member from the time of the expeditions.
The main building holds the Fram polar ship, but also contains three levels worth of history. Also, you will be able to visit the cinema that seats 116 people, where you will be able to watch a movie on polar history, the screenings of which star every fifteen minutes. The museum is packed with activities for both young and old.

Make sure you rest a bit in the Framheim café, which consists of seven wooden cabins. The cabins are decorated with images from various expeditions, each cabin having a different theme. Through the “windows” of the cabins you will be able to witness footage of northern lights and real footage taken during the expeditions, which are all shown on LCD screens. The Franheim café also has outdoor tables and serves sandwiches, Norwegian waffles, hot dogs, cakes, fruits, as well as hot and cold beverages, and during the summer, ice cream.
Ticket prices for the Fram Museum
Regular tickets: €11.20.
Discount ticket price: €8.40 – for students
Discount ticket price: €4.80 – for children up to the age of 16
Free access for children up to the age of six
Family tickets: €22.40

Working hours of the Fram Museum
1. January– 30.April from 10:00h to 17:00h
1.May - 31.May from 10:00h to 18:00h
1.June – 31.August from 09:00h to 18:00h
1.September – 30.September from 10:00h to18:00h
1. Oktober - 31. December from 10:00h to 17:00h

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Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

Photo credit: Didrick Stenersen/VisitiOSLO

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