Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is the most famous museum in Oslo and one of its biggest tourist attractions. It is situated on the Bygdøy Peninsula and it exhibits the best preserved Viking ships in the world. The ships themselves were discovered in 1867, having previously been buried for 1000 years, and they witnessed the celebrated rule of the Vikings between 800 and 1050. In the Museum, you can see three ships, the Gokstad, the Oseberg, the Tune, as well as smaller vessels, tools, fabrics and household items. The ships were one a part of traditional Viking funerals, organized only for important people. Visiting the Museum, you will learn about religious customs and the relationship Vikings had with life and death.

The adventure movie “The Vikings” is still projected during the day on the ceilings and walls of the Museum.

The Oseberg is the first thing you can see when entering the museum, unearthed in 1904 on a cemetery located on the farm whose name it bears. The ship itself was constructed somewhere between 815 and 820, but was turned into a tomb for two unknown women around fifteen years later. The vessel is 22 meters long, made out of oak, and judging by the oar holes, it is thought that the ship was rowed by 33 men.

The Gokstad, which is thought to have sailed to America, is 24 meters long. The largest Viking ship yet, it was constructed around 890, and was later used to bury an unknown Viking leader.
The Tune exhibit only shows the hull and the wooden tomb with the remains of one man of higher social status.

Legend has it that Viking conqueror Leif Erikson discovered America in 1001, but modern scientists denounce this theory, stating that another Viking had discovered “the promise land” before him.
The Vikings believed in the afterlife.

You can visit a gift shop in the Museum if you want to purchase a souvenir or another item connected to the Viking Era.

Ticket price for the museum
Regular ticket price: 11,50 eur
Reduced ticket price: 8,40 eur - for students
Free entrance for individuals up to 18 years old
(!) The ticket for the Viking Ship Museum you may use also for the Historical Museum within 48h.

Working hours of the Viking Ship Museum
Museum is open from 2nd of January till 31st December from 10:00h to 16:00h
Museum is closed on Monday

Author of the text:

Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

Photo credit: Thomas Johannessen/ VisitOSLO

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