Our Lady of the Hill Viewpoint

Our Lady of the Hill Viewpoint

Our Lady of the Hill Viewpoint. You have never seen a view like this before. A special place with a magical view of Lisbon. If you want to soak up the whole of Lisbon, you can do so from the lookout point of the “Miradour de Senhora do Monte” viewpoint. You know, this is not just a place with a fantastic view of the capital of Portugal, but this is a place where all thoughts are extinguished and where only the present moment comes to life. In a way, it has a mystical silence, which is pleasant as you sit and watch in the distance. Quiet place with amazing panoramic views.

The lookout is located on the hillside of the part of the city called Garce. In translation Miradouro da Senhora do Monte would be a view from Our Lady of the Hill. This is the highest lookout in the city, so it is perhaps the most beautiful. As you observe and admire the old city quarters, the castle and the city's more modern neighborhoods that can be seen in the distance, you will take beautiful photos of the city, the mouth of the river Tagus and the castle of St. George that is located nearby.

The nature located on this lookout is decorated with lush pine trees, which contribute to the overall atmosphere that is felt while looking at Lisbon, the city of inspiration.
Here is a small statue of the Mother of God and the chapel of Our Lady of the Hills (mountains) dedicated to Saint Gens, the martyr bishop. The chapel dates from 1147, but an earthquake in 1755 destroyed it, so today's chapel was built in the 18th century. The chapel is considered to be the protector of women during childbirth, so many women come here to pray and receive blessings.

Surely this lookout is a relaxing place with a very good vibe.
In addition to this lookout, there is another very stunning lookout - Miradouro da Graca.

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Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
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Photo by Andreas Brücker on Unsplash

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