Festival La Merce

Festival La Merce

La Mercè is a festival that honors the patron of Barcelona, the Virgin of Grace (Mare de Déu de la Mercè). There are parades, fireworks, traditional dance and music performances, the making of “human towers” during each day of the festival. Visitors may get familiar with most entertaining side of Barcelona’s citizens, given that the whole city becomes a part of the festival that lasts for a whole day. Free concerts and over 600 various events take place on many streets, squares, museums and parks. As it has been mentioned, all entertainment, as well as entrance to some of Barcelona’s museums. The festival is held each year in the period 22-25 September.

“La Merce” festival is devoted to the city’s patron, and as such it is one of the most important holidays. More than a million people each year visit the festival. It last for a few days, so the public transportation is available non-stop. There stages both in the city center as well as in the suburbs. Many Spanish, European and international music stars perform at the festival, there are different events, the city is lively, everybody are singing and dancing. “La Merce” is also known as the biggest party in Catalonia. You can see sardana, a traditional Catalan dance, on every corner, as well as castellers (human towers) with people dressed in red-and-white traditional costumes. People play drums all over the city, there are fireworks, people wear costumes – a real carnival. The festival has been held for 150 years, and we can say that this is the biggest party ever, through which the locals express sincere gratitude to their patron.

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