Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival

Budapest is famous as a fun and entertaining city, which is exemplified in its great festivals. One of the most famous one-week festivals is the Sziget/Island Music Festival. Apart from being one of Europe’s most important festivals, it is considered to be the biggest musical and cultural event.

August is reserved for Old Buda Island in the north of Budapest. Over 1000 productions, 60 stages and concerts of some of the world’s most famous artists of different genres gather here to create a truly unbelievable events. It is a combination of great sound, fun, art and pure passion. If you want to make your summer dynamic, as well as to experience great musical vibes and to introduce yourself to new people, this festival is the perfect spot for you.

The festival was first organized in 1993 and was then a student festival. An internationally recognized rock festival, it attracted visitors from all over the world, particularly from West Europe. To attract even more visitors, a so-called “party train” that took people from all over Europe to Budapest. The number of attendants grew, and so, in 1997, the festival boasted an amazing 250 thousand visitors, while in 2016 the number grew to 496 thousand visitors from 95 different countries. Furthermore, the number grew to 565 thousand in 2016.

People started coming from the entire world, even from distant countries such as Brazil and New Zealand. The Island Festival attracts people of 100 nationalities, all of whom enjoy the same sound and share the same love for music.

In 2011, The Independent called the festival one of the 5 best music festivals in Europe. The festival has also won an award for the best festival, the European Festivals Award in the Best Major European Festival category.

With the ever growing number of attendants, the festival has spread to Transylvania, which prompted the creation of another side festival, Felsziget Festival in Romania, which is the biggest event of its kind in the country. In 2007, another music festival, the Balaton, was created by the same people who organize the former two events. The electronic music that plays on the shores of Balaton quickly grew in popularity among fans of the wave.

The official website of the festival can be found on this link. The official website of the event provides information on ticket prices, programs and ticket vending spot.

You can find the official website of the festival on this link. On the official website of the festival, you can find out about ticket prices, the program, but also buy tickets.

Author of the article: Ljubiša Đuričić

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