Nightlife in Seville

Nightlife in Seville

Seville is considered to be the warmest city in Europe, so the party in Seville takes place outdoors, but also in night clubs, discotheques, and taverns. Sevillians like to socialize, to spend time in taverns, on the streets, to listen to good music, foreign as well as local, and to drink wine or sangria. Seville's nightlife is considered one of the most attractive and fun in Europe. In addition to nightclubs that work until dawn, there are also places where you can watch and enjoy flamenco. There is a special name for having a good time in Seville, called "calienti".

Seville has a so-called "party district" and bars with open roofs, overlooking the city. The night life in Seville does not start before midnight. Before a disco or a club, Spaniards start the night in some of the tapas bars, where they drink local beer and eat Andalusian cuisine, mostly tapas. Around midnight, when the tapas bars close, it's time to go to a night club or rooftop bar. The local drink in Seville is Sevilla Water - which is a mix of several alcoholic drinks with whipped cream on the top.

Sevillians also visit cocktail bars before midnight, which are a kind of substitute for tapas bars. Cocktail bars in Seville are actually real Spanish bars, where food is served only with a strong drink. Cocktail bars open late into the night. Discotheques in Seville are generally open from Thursday to Sunday. Some are open until 7 in the morning, so you should not go out to the disco before midnight.

The district of Triana is the most popular part of Seville when it comes to a good night out. There are numerous discotheques, nightclubs, places where flamenco is played. Triana is a place that should not be missed when it comes to nightlife. Flamenco is played here in the streets and the whole area exudes a real Spanish atmosphere. Just across the bridge in the Triana district, there is Calle Betis, a place that offers great entertainment. Locals don't bypass this place, so neither should tourists. It goes from bar to bar, for one drink each, and so on all night. The prices are very affordable.

Another district popular for its good but also luxurious night life is Alameda district. In this district, there are numerous rooftop bars and terraces with a truly wonderful view of the city and a calmer, but also more informative, atmosphere. In the center of the city is the neighborhood of Alfalfa, which critics say is still one of the best parts of Seville for nightlife - because that's where students come the most! Seville is known as the city where the best flamenco in Spain was born and is still played today. Among the most famous flamenco clubs stand out: Casa Anselma, Tablao Los Gallos, La Carboneria, Tablao Flamenco El Arenal, El Palazio Andaluz.

List of the best clubs and discos: Antique Theatro, Uthopia Sevilla, Terraza Alfonso, Madison, Libano Terraza, Obbio Club, Sala Cosmos, Abril Sevilla, Discoteca Holiday, KOKO club, Carambolo Lounge Bar, B3, Sala X, Fun Club, Sala Malandar, Rockefeller Sevilla, El Rumberito Cubano, Dada Bar, Naima Jazz Cafe - for jazz lovers, Jazz Corner. List of the best pubs in Seville: Premier Bar, Bestiario, Muele New York, Le XIX, MOSS Lounge Bar, the very unique Gariochi bar. Terrace with a view Terraza Dona Maria, Pura Vida terrace, the Merchant, Corner House Roof Terrace Bar, Gigante Bar, and there is the Capitol and Puerto de Cuba.

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