Joan Miro Foundation

Joan Miro Foundation

Joan Miro was a famous Spanish painter, sculptor and potter. He was born in Barcelona. He engaged in graphics and applied art. He was known for his amazing murals. His works belong to Surrealism, with unusual geometric shapes so his art stands out compared to other. Joan Miro Foundation is a cultural center and a contemporary art museum. The idea for the foundation was made in 1968. Miro wanted to create a new building that would encourage particularly younger artists to experiment and exhibit their art. His idea became reality. The building was designed by Josep Lluís Sert. It is located on Montjuic hill, and it was officially opened on 10 June, 1975. At the time when it was constructed, the building represented a new museum concept in Barcelona, and one of its main goals was to educate the people of Barcelona to pass on its beautiful modernist and futuristic cultural heritage.

Expansion in 1986 to the building added an auditorium and a library which holds some of the 10.000 items in the Foundation and some from Miro's private collection.

The highlight of the museum are the masterpieces of Joan Miro; some of them are: Hermitage of San Juan Huerta (1917), Portrait of a boy (1919), Street Pedralbes (1917), Painting (the white gloves) from 1925, Character (1934), The Morning Star (1940), The Diamond smiles at twilight (1947–1948), The gold of the azure (1967), Miro's Chicago (1968), Tapestry of the Fundacio (1979).

The Foundation has a space named "Espai 13" which is dedicated to promoting the work of young experimental artists such as: Peter Greenway, Chillida, Rene Magritte, Rothko, and others. There are two special collections – “4 Wings” and “Mercury Fountain”. The liquid metal mercury was used to create the fountain. It is known that this metal is poisonous, so the fountain is kept behind glass to protect the visitors.

Working hours
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10.00h – 19.00h

Regular ticket price: 13 euros
Ticket price with discount for pensioners, pupils and students: 7 euros
Entrance is free for children under 15.
Espai 13 costs additional 3 euros.

Author of the text:

Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

Photo by Jan Genge on Unsplash

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