The Church of Bethlehem

The Church of Bethlehem

Baroque architecture should not surprise you in Barcelona. One of these that stands out in the city of gothics and modernism is the Church of Bethlehem. The construction works lasted precisely 50 years – from 1680 to 1729. Initially it was seen as a Jesuit church, until 1767, when the Jesuits were expelled from Spain. There as a work of art in the church’s façade – a beautiful nativity scene. In addition to that, small diamonds are imprinted in the façade, they can be seen one only one side of the church, in its upper part, while the other part was made with common bricks. Upon entering the church, you will pass next to two Jesuit candle sticks. On the left side, you may see the fresco of Saint Ignatius, the Jesuit founder, and on the right side, there is Saint Francis Borgia, holding a skull.
The church’s interior was completely destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, so what has remained from the original church are small details on the door. In the meantime, the church was renovated, and during Christmas holidays, there you may see beautiful nativities scenes, as well as displays of Jesus Christ and his birth. The church has two doors, and on the second one, there is a display of Jesus Christ and Saint John the Baptist as children.
There is a beautiful statue of the Lady of the Abandoned, with a golden crown and 9 statues of disciples.
Working hours: 10.00 – 21.00
 Entrance is FREE.

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Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
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