Local Food

Local Food

Seville has over 3,000 tapas bars and many restaurants offering local fish and meat specialties as well as desserts. The best local food in Seville is pork prepared in the Seville way. The name of this dish is "Secreto iberico". The pork is made to literally melt in your mouth. And there is also a specialty called "Presa Iberica". The method of preparation of this dish is a secret, as is the method of cutting. That is why it is such a special dish and cannot be found in every restaurant.

"Serranito" is a special Sevillian sandwich, which in a way made Seville's cuisine famous. The "Serranito" sandwich consists of sirloin, tomatoes, grilled peppers and homemade crusty bread. Somewhere you can also find "Serranito" with chicken, for those who don't eat or don't like pork.

"Solomillo al whisky" is pork with roasted potatoes prepared in a garlic, olive oil and whiskey sauce. In Seville, this dish is very popular and has been served since 1970.

"Cazon en adobo" is a seafood dish made from tiger shark meat with cumin, oregano, lemon and vinegar sauce. This simple dish is just lightly fried and ready to be tasted. Spaniards and Sevillians love to drink wine, so there is a place in Seville that serves and sells the best Spanish wines. It is "Flores Gourmet". In this place, it is recommended, along with olives and cheese, to drink the local wine "Sierra Norte de Sevilla", which exists in 1 white variety and as many as 13 red varieties of wine.

Locals simply adore "Vino de Naranja" - it is a dark wine with a taste of bitter orange. It is best drunk in the "La Goleta" bar, where this wine was created. After the wine, you should eat something sweet, which is "Torrijas" - fried cakes with sugar syrup, honey or milk that has been nicely sweetened beforehand. "Torrijas" can be found everywhere in pastry shops and restaurants, and are served with a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

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