Abu Dhabi:

Local food restaurants

Local food restaurants

Traditional restaurants - Home-made dishes are obviously more desirable, but if you are only visiting or short with time, there you may find a couple of restaurants where you may try out some of local food.

Al Fanar Restaurant & Café
Al Fanar recreates the district in Bedouin style with private dining rooms, brick rooms made of mud and a small souk[1] that guests may visit in free time. You may choose from a variety of traditional dishes, from regag bread and balaleet[2] to biryani[3], shrimps, and Emirates’ specialty jesheed (minced shark meat).

Meylas celebrates the nation’s tradition and offers childhood recipes that mothers and grandmothers from the UAE crated using only local produce. In addition to unusual entrance door that used to belong to an emirates’ house from the 70s, Meylas offers a nostalgic insight in the Bedouin age.

Yadoo’s House
It means ‘the grandmother’s house’, but Yadoo’s resembles more a family household than a restaurant with all its minimalistic furniture. It offers a variety of options, from local fish dishes to classic Emirates’ dishes such as harees (chicken soup) and machba (meat and rice). It is almost impossible to leave Yadoo’s House with an empty stomach, so we challenge you to try it!

It is located in the Emirates Palace. Mezlai offers a luxurious environment for experiencing traditional Emirates’ cuisine. Decorated with Bedouin emblems, this award-winning restaurant resembles a Bedouin tent, and it celebrates nation’s heritage. This is the most lavish destination for those who would like to experience authentic taste of the UAE.

Ten Best Terraces in Abu Dhabi
If you want to relax next to a pool or sea, or enhance Friday scenery, on this page you will find a list with best terraces in Abu Dhabi.

Tamba’s legendary terrace is chic, and its famous drinks menu is equally modern. Each drink has tropical ingredients and a unique background. Be sure to look it up!
St Regis Helipad Sunset Socials. This is the highest roof-top setting that you may visit in the capital. St Regis welcomes visitors at the top of a helipad, where if offers a place for hanging out and the best sunset view you will ever find.

BBQ Al Qasr
With tents on the beach, this is the closest you will get to the sea without dipping in. BBQ Al Qasr offers godly barbecue dishes served with elegance. Very few guests leave unimpressed.

Beach House
Beach House offers a sunset view on a sandy beach. This setting embodies the escape you need when on vacation, but you do not have to board a plane to get there.

There, for a moment, you will forget that you are in a desert. With an attractive location on a green Yas Links meadow, it is a perfect place for enjoying a sunset.

Bentley’s Kitchen
You may spend a happy hour in Bentley’s Kitchen. After work, just like locals, head to Bentley’s for amazing food and gorgeous view.

Located in the Emirate Palace, Hakksan is a modern space for exploring the social scene of Abu Dhabi. Relax under the lights of the capital and enjoy a beautiful view.

Buddha Bar
Everything is modern in Buddha Bar Abu Dhabi. Its terrace is designed for relaxing with classical music from Buddha Bar with rhythmic vibes that complete the relaxed atmosphere.

While the sun is setting behind the Emirates Palace, Azura is the place that saves on comfort. Enjoy some light snacks with cold drinks, and enjoy the sunset.

Nasma Beachfront Bar
Nasma Beachfront Bar takes their guests to a tropical sanctuary with a beautiful view of the azure sea of the Persian Gulf.

[1] an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar
[2] a traditional sweet and savoury dish; fried bread with sugar
[3] an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat, fish, or vegetables

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

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