Abu Dhabi:

24K Gold Leaf Cappuccino

24K Gold Leaf Cappuccino

Cappuccino with gold flakes - Have you ever tried a cappuccino with 24K gold flakes? If you decide to visit the Emirates Palace, you may have the chance to taste this decadent delicacy, and on top of that – it is believed that gold is good for our bodies. Even though the Emirates Palace is not a royal palace, it is very gorgeous. Upon entering the hotel, luxury awaits you – large flower arrangements, antique-styled furniture, extensive use of granite and marble with a mixture of gold and neutral colour tones. The hotel staff welcomes everyone with greetings and a smile on their faces, in order not to disturb the atmosphere.

When you pass the atrium towards the café, traditional Arab music tones performed by a three-member band will await you. Naturally, all dishes are expensive – what is else to expect from a 24K gold cappuccino?  They cost about $15. However, you are not paying only for the coffee – you will also get a slice of a delicious strawberry cake.

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