History of Miami

History of Miami



Miami celebrated the 100th anniversary of the city’s genesis only several years ago. It is thought that the city appeared overnight, which is why many consider it to be magical. Miami is a growing international pier, and a global industry gate, allowing many global countries to open their offices in the town, even though it is so young. The area where the city sits today was once inhabited by the Native Americans whose lives were tightly connected to the river and fertile land, which is the exact reason why they picked this area to build their settlement. The first Spanish sailor to come to this area was Juan Ponce de Leon, who came here in 1513, with the first official landing being staged in 1566. The Spanish spread their influence on the area very quickly, propagating conversion to Christianity to the natives.

The Indians rebelled against their Spanish invaders, which was the cause for their mass exodus to South Florida. The group that the Spanish called “Cimmarrones” became the fierce Seminole tribe. After Florida was bought by the United States from Spain in 1819, the Seminole tribe fought three great wars against the American government. The area was devastated by the conflict, which is the reason why it was only populated a hundred years ago.

History dictates that the area was first used as a citrus fruit plantation, after which the land was deemed to be fertile. This sparked interest in the area’s becoming an important trade hub, stressing the importance of Miami’s pier, thanks to which the city was connected by railway to the rest of America.

Until April of 1896, Miami was connected by railway to the rest of America, and in July of the same year, the meeting where the city was to be incorporated into the United States was held. Only men had the right to vote in the city, while one third of votes came from Bahaman immigrants. The city was finally founded in 1896, with a population of 444, under the name of “The city of Miami”. Streets, pipelines, electrical systems and resorts were constructed, canals for irrigation of the fields were dug up, and all this effort is the reason why Miami became an attractive tourist attraction, especially among the wealthy and famous. Real-estate was blooming in this youthful city.

Several years later, John Collins and Carl Fisher, two notable characters from Miami’s history, became the promoters of Miami and its lifestyle. They made Miami Beach into one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country. To ensure a constant influx of visitors, Collins built hotels while fisher dedicated himself to the development of shops, bars, night clubs etc. The blooming of Miami lasted until 1926, when a strong hurricane hit the area, after which the whole of America suffered the Great Depression.

The Second World War helped Miami’s economy, mostly due to several thousand soldiers’ training in South Florida. The war was over, and many soldiers returned to Miami, which sparked another growth spur of the city in the 1950s. In recent years, Miami has become the seat of many international companies and financial institutions. The city has the largest concentration of international bank offices in the country. It is famous as a place for the affluent and famous, but is, unfortunately, listed as one of the poorest cities in the country.

The future of Miami seems to be optimistic, as the real-estate trade industry has recovered from the great shock of 2008 and 2009, so prices are up significantly. On the other hand, Miami is an important tourist hub, visited by people from all over the globe. The weather is always pleasant, and even though Miami has such a short history, there is something for everyone to enjoy there.

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Miami is a young city, established only 100 years ago. However, the city has a turbulent history. It is thought that the city appeared overnight, which is why many consider it to be magical. Miami is the third-largest metropolis on the east coast of the United States of America, and the seventh-biggest city in the country. It is the main financial and international trade hub of America. Around 400 thousand people live in the districts of this tourist haven.

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