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New York City

When someone mentions America, the first thing that pops into one’s mind is the dream of every traveler, New York – A city that lives life to the fullest. The city that the whole planet talks about is also called The Big Apple, one whose taste you love instantly and for the rest of your life. New York has been the topic of many movies, novels, and so it is said that “stars” don’t live in New York because the city is one big celebrity on its own. He who visits New York finds it hard to leave it, and the city never leaves the hearts of those who visit it. A constant source of artistic inspiration, New York never sleeps. The nickname “The Big Apple” has stuck around since the year 1909.

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Miami is a young city, established only 100 years ago. However, the city has a turbulent history. It is thought that the city appeared overnight, which is why many consider it to be magical. Miami is the third-largest metropolis on the east coast of the United States of America, and the seventh-biggest city in the country. It is the main financial and international trade hub of America. Around 400 thousand people live in the districts of this tourist haven.

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Boston is an American city in the state of Massachusetts, which incledibly reminds of European capitals. Boston is the largest European colony, a city inhabited by a large number of Englishmen, Irishmen and Spaniards. Boston is a museum city, a city of higher education institutions and a city where the so-called American elite lives. Boston is a city with a continental climate, where winters are very cold and summers tend to be very warm. Boston is a city that provides a variety of business opportunities. It is also one of the largest multicultural communities in America. This is the best organized metropolis that attracts many ambitious students. The prestigious Harvard University is located in Boston. The city is popular for the great Boston Marathon and the large number of parks that are equally enjoyed by locals and tourists.

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