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Where to eat in New York?

Where to eat in New York?

You will find almost every possible cuisine in New York, so we are sure that you will be satisfied when it comes to food in NYC. You can spend little money to get decent food, but you can also spend a fortune, depending on where you want to dine. Life in New York is hurried, so most New Yorkers either have a quick snack on their way to work or buy something from street vendors. Pizzas and hot dogs are most popular on street food stands.

Hot dogs on these food stands usually cost about $2. If they ask for more than $2, try to haggle so you do not have to pay a higher price.
You can buy pizza in every fast food restaurant, and the prices range from $3 to $5. Along Manhattan, especially on Fifth and Third Avenues, there are many fast food restaurants that also offer healthy food, so you can buy a freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie, various salads and vegetarian dishes, as well as soy bean stakes. Average price for a freshly squeezed juice is around $5, and a salad costs about $10-$12. There are also many Mexican restaurants, so we recommend you try a burrito while you are there. If you are willing to try fast food, you should try this specialty and you will not be disappointed.

There is an Amish Market on 45th Street with a small restaurant on the ground floor. You can have a lunch or dinner here, or you can buy healthy produce such as oats, bio yogurts and many kinds of cheeses. When it comes leaving a tip at a restaurant, it is customary to leave a tip that by doubling the tax, so you should leave around 10%. of the full price. In some states, such as Washington, there are unwritten rules of leaving a 20% tip.

If you like Asian food, especially Chinese, there are hundreds of restaurants in Chinatown. You should visit one of them because prices are not too high, and portion sizes will positively surprise you.
Even though it is not that difficult to find a pizza or pasta restaurant, there are many high-quality Italian restaurants in the Little Italy neighborhood, so we definitely recommend visiting this area. There you can try pizzas that you have not tried before, i.e. you can try them here or in southern Italy where the majority of Italian immigrants comes from.

There are many restaurants and bars on Columbus Circle, as well as a Whole Foods supermarket – one of the best in New York. Prices are higher than in Walmart, but we have to point out that Walmart supermarkets are out of town.

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