Rio de Janeiro:

Food in Rio de Janeiro

Food in Rio de Janeiro

When it comes to food, the diversity in Rio de Janeiro is really great, which is not surprising considering the large immigrant population of Italians, Spaniards, Germans and French, but also people from the East. Not to mention the Portuguese and Africans who have strongly influenced Brazilian cuisine.

Whatever your budget in Rio, you will surely eat well. Fresh tropical fruits are the rule of a healthy meal. A day in Rio mostly starts with the juice of various tropical fruits. Juice bars are located in every corner of the city. They are the cheapest and fastest option for squeezed juices, and here you can drink cafezinho - strong, black coffee.

During lunch, the local restaurant "por kilo" is a great choice - it's a buffet with fresh salads, grilled meat and fish, seafood. Pastry shops are certainly part of the gastronomic offer, but in any case we think it is better to stick to fresh fruit.

For dinner you can choose one of the restaurants in the city. The restaurants offer a great menu for decent money. If you need to choose a meal that you would like to enjoy for a long time and treat yourself to, then it is dinner. A few typical Brazilian dishes you can try are beiju, feijão tropeiro, vatapá, moqueca, polenta and acarajé.

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