What to eat in Marrakesh?

What to eat in Marrakesh?

Visitors are guaranteed to eat well in Marrakech. The city offers delicious traditional Moroccan dishes that will delight you. The primary ingredients of Moroccan cuisine are rice, meat, vegetables, and for dessert there are dates and almond and caramel sweets. If you are not a fan of local specialties, you will be able to eat international cuisine that can be found in numerous restaurants in Marrakech.

A popular dish is definitely couscous that is served on small semolina balls in combination with lamb or chicken and vegetables. Sometimes an egg is added in the end, but this is not very common.

Tajine is also a traditional dish named after the eponymous dish in which it is prepared - a wide earthenware dish with a lid. Different types of meat or fish are put in the dish, along with vegetables, while some recipes include figs or dates and almonds.

Bastilla is a pie made of thin sheets of dough between which rows of minced meat are arranged, lemon is also added, as well as almonds, dried fruit and cinnamon. Since Morocco is a producer of spices, they are very common in Moroccan cuisine. Extremely hot sauces are made that are added to dishes to make them spicy but it is also important to note that saffron is one of the spices used. While in Europe it is very expensive in Morocco it is affordable.

Ras el hanout spice mixture - is a mixture of about 30 types of spices. It is quite hot and the locals sometimes make a given sauce for themselves and put numerous aphrodisiacs. The mixtures that you will find in stores across Europe are not like this, i.e. they do not contain all the ingredients and they have a much milder taste.

As far as sweets are concerned, large amounts of sugar are not eaten in Morocco, so sweets are also largely natural. Dates are very common in sweet and savory dishes, and since you can eat them fresh here, we advise you to try them because they are not even similar to the ones you buy in the store. Almonds in caramel are also a specialty, and all generations love them equally.

What is certain is that you will like Moroccan cuisine. These are pleasant meals that will satisfy everyone's tastes. Try it!

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