Lake Garda:

Torri del Benaco town

Torri del Benaco town

Torri del Benaco is a beautiful town on the eastern shore of the Lake Garda. Its Scaligero castle, and an enchanting port of the town make it a perfect tourist destinations. Even in case you planned to visit other towns on the lake, we suggest you make a short break here, because it is really worth it.

Some of the archeological findings suggest that this area of the lake Garda was inhabited already in 2000 BC. Archeological findings from the 20th century indicate that this area was well-developed in the Bronze Age, since numerous fragments of colored pottery were found underneath the streets of the town.
This area of the Lake became part of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. After the fall of the Roman Empire, this area was inhabited by the Gots, Lombards, Franks etc. In the 13th century, this town fell under the rule of Della Scala family (the ruling family of Verona). The members of this family rebuilt several castles on the shores of the Lake Garda, which is why all of these castles are called Scaligero Castles. This fact often confuses the tourists, since for example, castles in Malcesine, Sirmione and in this town are all called by the same name -  Scaligero Castle.
Together with all the other towns on the eastern shore of the lake, in 1405, even Torri del Benaco town became part of the Venetian Republic. In 1797, Napoleon troops reached and occupied the city, which soon afterwards fell under the rule of the Austrians. In 1866, even Torri del Benaco became part of the unified kingdom of Italy.

Torri del Benaco is a rather small town on the lake. However, its Scaligero Castle and a beautiful small port surrounded by numerous restaurants make it a must destination on the lake for most tourists.

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