Lake Como:

The city of Como

The city of Como

Como is a stunning city, located on the shore of Lake Como. The historic center of the city looks onto the lakeshore, with the Cathedral or Como’s Duomo that takes the main place on the main square. The cathedral of Como is an potent symbol  of the late Gothic Lombard architectural style. The most characteristic detail of the cathedral are the doors of the Frog: this name comes from one frog carved on the left jamb. According to the popular belief, this is how high tide reached it when the coast was flooded by the water from the lake Como.

Villa Olmo represents one of the main symbols of the city of Como. Villa Olmo was constructed in the 18th century in Neoclassicist style by architect Simone Cantoni. Visitors may see neoclassic motifs especially in the exterior facade of the villa. The park adjacent to the villa is truly amazing, with 800 trees, among which visitors may find horse chestnuts, cedars from Lebanon, liquidambar and plane trees.

Visitors may also take the ride with the cable car In Como - really great experience and wonderful tourist attraction of the city. From a small village Brunate, right next to Como, there is cable car that takes tourists on the top of the city of Como and from there visitors can have a splendid view on the city center of Como, Alps mountains, and the lowlands of Brianza. A must see.
Famous Alessandro Volta was born in Como. He invented the first battery. In Como visitors may visit Volta Temple, dedicated to the life and work of this inventor.

Boat rides are inevitable in this city. There are numerous offers along the entire shore of the lake and we would recommend choosing the one that suits your needs best and to just hop on.

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