Lake Garda:

Town Garda

Town Garda

Town Garda is yet another beautiful town on the Lake Garda in Italy. Even though it does not have an impressive castle as most of the other coastal towns, it is known for numerous beaches, a walking trail that passes next to the lake and numerous restaurants and bars.

It is assumed that the name Garda originates from the Longobard word warda, meaning a guard, a sentinel, referring to the Fortress of Garda. This impressive structure was already built around the year 1,000 AD. In the middle ages, the town Garda and its fortress had their most prosperous period, since during the rule of the Franks, the town and the surrounding area gained status of an autonomous region. With the development of new military weaponry and tactics, the old fortresses lost their main purpose. This happened even to the Garda Fortress, which has not survived till this day and it is claimed by some that the stones from this fortress were used for the constructions of the building in the town Garda.

Nowadays, the town Garda is one of the very visited tourist destinations on the Lake Garda. Each day it is visited by thousands of tourists who enjoy sightseeing, long walks down Garda’s promenade and of course numerous restaurants, bars, ice-cream shops and cafes along the lake’s shore. It is also important to mention that after you exit the town Garda, walking down the promenade next to the lake, you will reach numerous lake beaches which are beautiful, well-maintained and very visited. This is also a unique chance for a very pleasant walk next to the lake for those that have not planned to go for a swim.

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