Lake Como:

Cernobbio on Lake Como

Cernobbio on Lake Como

Cernobbio is a small town located on the western shores of Lake Como. As other villages on the cost of Lake Como Cernobbio were also a target of wealthy Italian and European families who wanted to have a summer villa close to the shore.

The most famous villa, and the one that we would recommend to visit, is undoubtedly Villa d’Este. This villa was built in 1568 according to the project of famous architect Pellegrino Pellegrini. Villa got its name after its owner Caroline of Brunswick, who was born in Este. After the villa changed hands in between a number of owners it was officially converted into a hotel in 1873. Villa d’Este hosts incredible works of arts that were collected here by the previous owners.

Another villa is the famous nineteenth-century Villa Erba, which is used as a convention center. Another stunning villa that was recently restored is Villa Bernasconi. We could say that this villa is somewhat peculiar because here visitors will have the opportunity to follow the path through its chambers and get to know the history of its past owners and their daily routines and habits.
Finally, many celebrities were interested in purchasing villas for themselves in Cernobbio. One of them is a George Clooney whose house is located on the shore of Cernobbio.

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