Lake Como:

Varenna at Lake Como

Varenna at Lake Como

Varenna is a small fishing village but still a must see when you decide to visit Lake Como. Varenna is a true gem, a fertile valley, surrounded by high mountains. It is located in one of the most precipitous points of the lake, both for fishing and as a shelter, which is why Varenna has been chosen as a place of residence for the first populations of the lake. Varenna was mentioned during the reign of Longobards.
It is believed that the Queen Teodolina has spent her last years in a small village Gittana on the Lake Como. She has also visited Varenna at the time and she has built the Castle of Vezio. The castle is open for visits. In 1169 small island Comacina was destroyed by the local rebels who fought on Barbarossa’s side (nowadays, this island is among the most intriguing archeological sites of the Lake Como). Inhabitants who managed to survive came to Varenna where they  started a new life. They brought prosperity and wealth to the city and even today visitors can see old houses, up to 2 floors, joined by arches, which represent the old life of Varenna inhabitants.

Every year, the people of Varenna commemorate the date when Comacina’s inhabitants came to Varenna for the first time. This event is followed by grandiose celebration and spectacular fireworks.
Today, Varenna is a famous tourist place visited by many tourists each year. The city center starts from the big square, then following the Church of Saint George visitors  arrive in front of the Villa Monastero. This is one of the most fascinating villas on the Lake Como and visitors will love the botanical garden with numerous plants and trees that originate from all over the world.

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