Madeira Island:

Fruit market in Funchal

Fruit market in Funchal

Colors, flowers and exotic fruits make this market one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Do not lose the opportunity to get to know what is being cultivated on the island and to try exotic fruits, which you have probably never tried before.

Because of its rich offer of different tropical fruits, the fruit market in Funchal became one of the most interesting attractions of the city. Here you will be able to try and buy colorful fruits and vegetables that you have never seen before, such as: tamarillo fruit, philodendron banana-pineapple fruit, different types of passion fruit, cherimoya fruit (custard apple) etc.
Apart from exotic fruits, there are also numerous stands with exotic flowers that were originally brought from other parts of the world and started being produced on the island because of the favorable climate.
Next to the fruit market there is also a fish market, which is interesting to walk through and a place where you can purchase fresh fish and other specialties of the ocean.

(!) Since the market are more and more visited by tourists, some locals decided to take advantage of this fact. Both on the ground and the first floor there are sellers that speak a little bit of English and with an aggressive approach make you try different fruits, after which they expect you to buy something. The trick is that their prices are sometimes even 10 times higher than on the stand right next to it. Do not avoid asking about the price even the sellers that do not speak English. You will see it is not that hard to communicate and with a little help of hands and smiles you will get the right price.

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