Madeira Island:

Botanical garden in Funchal

Botanical garden in Funchal

Madeira is famous for its natural world, its plants and colors. The Botanical garden in Funchal is the most visited and most well-known garden on the island, therefore, one of the main attractions of Madeira.

The botanical garden in Funchal or in Portuguese Jardim Botanico, is located just a few kilometers from the city center. It is a living paradise composed of numerous exotic plant species that will hypnotize most of the visitors with their flowers and scents.

The botanical garden extends on an impressive area of 35,000 square meters and is home to more than 2,000 plant species from all of the world’s continents. It offers a great biodiversity that demonstrates the beauty of the natural world, which due to the favorable climate of the island prospers and shows its colors throughout the year.
The garden is divided into six sections: arboretum, indigenous species, succulents, agriculture, aromatic and medical plants. However, the main attraction of the botanical garden is certainly a flat area planted with plants of different colors that form different geometrical shapes and words. This garden is also famous for its beautiful view on the ocean and the city of Funchal.

Ticket prices for botanical garden in Funchal
Regular ticket price is 5.5 Euros (€).
Reduced ticket price is 2 Euros (€).
Reduced price: for individuals between 6 and 18.
Free entrance: children under 6 years of age.
Free public entrance- the entrance is completely free of charge for all categories on the following dates: March 21, April 30, May 18, July 1, and September 27.
We advise you to check before visiting the ticket prices on the official web site of the Botanical garden in Funchal.
(!) You may find the detailed information on how to reach botanical garden as well as prices of the cable car rides under On Map section of this article.

Working hours of Botanical garden in Funchal
In the period from October 1 to April 29 working hours of the garden are 09:00-18:00h.
In the period from April 30 to September 30 working hours of the garden are 09:00-20:00h.
Ticket office closes 30 minutes before closing time.
We advise you to check the working hours before your visit on the official web site of the Botanical garden in Funchal.

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