Madeira Island:

Santana traditional Madeira houses

Santana traditional Madeira houses

This is probably the best location on the island to observe traditional Madeira’s houses. These small, triangular and colorful houses represent a part of the Madeira’s heritage and one of the most popular tourist attractions of the island.

Madeira Island is also well-known among tourist for its small traditional houses. These simple houses made of wood with reed roofing were built by poorer inhabitants of the island and for quite along period of time.
This type of houses usually consisted of one or two rooms and could host one family.

Even though there are several places where visitors can see one of these houses, probably the best location is the town of Santana on the northern coast of the island.
Here, in the center of the town there are several of these colorful houses with beautiful gardens that are protected by the local government as the cultural heritage.

Across the street from these houses there is also a fruit market. The prices on this fruit market are much more reasonable than on Funchal fruit market.

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