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The Tango dance

The Tango dance

Tango is a sensual dance originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its elegant and passionate movements clearly show the cultures that merged to create it. Namely, tango wasn’t created by a single people. Rather, it has been influenced by Argentinian people from all communities, parts of the world, be they natives or European, African or other immigrants to Argentina.

Tango was created in the 1800s, spreading all over Argentina in later years. At the start of the 20th century, it became a sensation throughout Europe and the USA. Its fame even reached Hollywood movies from the 1980s, and the dance even has its own day. The International day of Tango is celebrated every 11th December, which is the birthday of two most important people from the world of tango, Carlos Gardel and Julio de Caro. In 2009, the tango was inducted into UNESCO’s list of non-material cultural heritage.

Even though the tango is today a universal dance, performed by many people worldwide, there are different styles to it. Beginning from the position of the body, the relation between the two partners’ positions, to even the proximity of the partners while “hugging”, the styles of tango can differ greatly. Each tango school will give you the chance to bring your own partner to sessions, or they will provide you with a partner if need be.

The tango is a truly fun way to make yourself feel distant from the tasks of everyday life, like chores and obligations. Make sure you try tango when you visit Argentina, as it makes life longer and more fun, as well as teaching you the art of life.

photo credit: preillumination seth

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