Rio de Janeiro:

The Paquetá Island

The Paquetá Island

Paquetá Island is a small island located in the northeastern part of Guanabara Bay in Rio. Because it is so easy to reach, Paquetá is perfect for a day trip out of town. Arriving on the island of Paquetá seems like a return to the past. Most importantly, there are no cars on the island, only small golf carts and bicycles. As soon as you leave the ferry terminal, you will notice how quiet and peaceful everything is. Some sources claim that about 4.000 people live here. The island is very visited because it is one of the unavoidable attractions of Rio, but you will not get the impression that you are here with a large number of people, on the contrary, you will have the impression that only you and the group with whom you came by ferry are there.

The main attractions of Paquetá Island are its beaches. It is quite easy to walk around the island, sticking to the shore. However, there is no clearly defined path. The beaches on Paquetá Island are beautiful and varied. Along the west coast there are white sandy beaches that you will really enjoy. A real paradise. On the east side, the beach is rocky but they are really beautiful and worth a visit. Tip: Stay on the island to see the sunset.

In the southwestern part of the island there is a park called Darke de Mattos. The park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view of the island's surroundings. There is an old fortress here from which you can observe the whole island. There is a church on the island as well as numerous restaurants and buildings that were made in the colonial style. There are not many restaurants on the island and they are mostly concentrated around the main street leading to the ferry.

Getting to Paquetá Island from the city center is easy. First you will head to the Praça XV ferry terminal, which is a short walk away from Carioca Metro Station. Be sure to check the time when the ferry runs. Boats generally sail on weekdays several times starting at 9:30 am. The ferry costs only 6.50 BRL one way. Vendors on board sell snacks.

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