Cabo da Roca cape

Cabo da Roca cape

Luis de Camoes, a Portuguese poet from the 16th century, wrote for Cabo da Roca cape that it is "the place where the land ends and the sea begins". Cabo da Roca is a cape near Sintra, located in the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park. The Sintra-Cascais Nature Park stretches from the Sintra Mountains to the Cascais beaches and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cape represents the westernmost point of continental Europe and an important coordinate for all those sailing along the coast. It is located at 38 ° 47´ north latitude and 9 ° 30´west longitude, and 150 meters above the ocean.

The beautiful views from this place are amazing and enchanting, and the hidden beaches and paths on the cliffs are considered a special experience. The sunset at this place is magical and amazing. The refraction of light across the ocean with yellow, red and orange traces in the sky creates magic.

Natural beauty that can rarely be seen in shapes like here. The rocks are steep, the waves are strong and noisy, the beaches are sandy and very clean. If you stand here longer and listen to the sounds of nature, you will have a very unusual feeling, a dose of respect and gratitude for being where you are. What is special to visit here is the lighthouse which is located 165 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. It was first opened in 1772.

There are printed plates that will bring you closer to Cabo da Roca. This place cannot be described in words; it needs to be experienced. Due to the numerous cliffs, certain areas are fenced so that no one would fall.

  • There is a souvenir shop here where you can buy beautiful souvenirs related to Cabo da Roca.
  • To get to Cabo da Roca, you need to go by train from Lisbon to Sintra, and then by bus number 403.
  • It is 18 km away from Sintra, 42 km from Lisbon.
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